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ROC Mission Statement

Updated: Mar 24, 2019

The ROC's mission is not to simply re-allocate call traffic, but to drive efficiencies in all areas of resource management, through both strategic planning (forecasting) and improved tactical execution (real-time management). The ROC's core goal is tied to a structured Event Management system. Through this Event Management system, the ROC creates cases to document periods of time throughout a day in which a call center fails to operate within Service Level targets. The method of capturing these events is tied to a fixed cause-effect fishbone, allowing for consistent conclusions to be reached by the ROC Analyst working an event.

Resource Optimization Center

This analysis is central to the ROC's core goals. In providing daily case analysis, the ROC will capture patterns where failure in some area of resource management has led to a degradation in service level. The cases provide support to determine where investments need to be made to improve methods used in strategic planning and real-time resource management in a call center.

In summary,the ROC's goal is to leverage workforce management principles, telephony and desktop technology, reporting & analytics - all to continuously balance customer experience with operational expense. The ROC model is considered a foundation framework, supporting a service-profit chain, and core operational strategy for any customer service operation.

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